Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Samanthas and Cinder and The Resurection Of This Blog

Hey guys, Sammi here!

So I've decided to use this blog for real now! And you want to know why? Because today I am entering in the @macteenbooks Gift of Cinder Cress Giveaway! So basically the rules are:

1.       Loan a friend a copy of Cinder.
2.       Write a blog post explaining why you gave that friend a copy of Cinder.
3.       Have your friend review Cinder on his/her blog OR on your blog.
4.       Share the review online using the #GiftOfCinder hashtag!
5.       Leave the links for your blog post, review of Cinder, and social share

They're giving away 20 copies of Cress. 20 copies. Like holy freaking luna. (Not all to one person, not that I don't wish though. Sigh.) So I've decided to lend my precious, battered copy of Cinder to my friend Samantha. Yes you read that right, another Samantha. There's actually four in my shop at school! Though I doubt we were all named after a character in Bewitched ;). Anyways, I actually just lent it to her a few hours ago, literally waking her up and begging her to do this for me. I may have used candy as a bribe. But it was needed to tear her away from Allegiant for the weekend. So in compliance for rule 2, here is my reasons for picking my friend Sam to lend Cinder to:

1}Sam is about as big of a booknerd as I am. We spend most of our bus rides seated next to each other, not speaking, hunched over our books. And when we're not reading, we're talking about the books we've read. (We crack our selves up with book puns and inside book jokes)
2}Sam is a fast reader! I get massive anxiety/ frustration when I lend my books out because chances are you'll A) never get it back B) have it returned looking like it just went through several stampedes escaping from the plague. But I trust Sam with all my books, because she feels the same way about her books!

3} She NEEDS to read these books! I have my copy of Scarlet ready for school Monday morning when she comes in demanding more! I was horrified when I found out she hadn't read them, because I just assumed she had. This just further evidence for my motto that assumptions get you killed. Just saying. Sam really likes Young Adult books that are sci fi-ish/ fantasy, as do I, (Obviously :D) So I'm positive that she'll love The Lunar Chronicles!

So those are my reasons for choosing to lend my copy of Cinder to my friend Samantha for this giveaway! I'm hoping to have her review by tomorrow, or by Monday. I'll just have to keep pestering her to read!

Ta-Ta for now!

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