Sunday, November 3, 2013

Samantha's Review Of Cinder

Hey guys, Sammi here, AGAIN!

So as you may know, I made a post yesterday about entering the Mac Teen Books Giveaway for an ARC of Cress. The rules were that I was to lend a friend a copy of Cinder and have them read and review the book. So I lent my fellow booklover, friend, and name sharer my copy. And she sure surprised me! Not only did she read the book in one night, but she even had her review ready! I think she's trying to see if she can borrow Cress if I win it. She has no reason to worry, there's no way I wouldn't let her read it! (That is if I even win a copy! Fingers crossed!) So here is her review of Cinder:

I really liked Cinder! I felt it was fast paced and awesome. I loved how it was based off of Cinderella and how she loses her foot instead of her shoe. My favorite character was Iko. Iko was such a cute addition and a great friend for Cinder. It's cool how the author gave her a unique personality. My least favorite character was her older stepsister. She really made me mad. When she ruined the gloves Kai had given Cinder, I wished that she had gotten the plague. Speaking of the plague, poor Peony! She was so sweet and nice to Cinder and then she got sick. I also loved how it didn't take place in America like most books. Kai was a great character as well. What's a fairytale retelling without a Prince? And a perfect one at that. And the setting was perfect too! China was such a great idea! The only thing I didn't get was why they said the names weird, but after I googled it, it all made sense. That's awesome how the author stayed true to the culture. Also, can I mention how cool all her cyborg features were? Imagine having the internet in your brain! And also being able to store tools in her body parts. I would keep food in there, if I were her. Overall I gave this book 5 stars. I loved the charaters, the plot, and the setting. The book had a great plot twist and great writing. I can't wait to get my hands on Scarlet. ~ Sam
So there you have it! WE HAVE CREATED ANOTHER FAN. YAY! She just sent me a text asking for Scarlet in homeroom a little bit ago. I'll keep you updated on how much she loves that book. (I'm positive she will!)
Ta-Ta for now!

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