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Immortal City by Scott Speer Review

Hey guys, Sammi here!

I read ANOTHER book in one day. More like 5 hours. And that book was:

Guys, I am on a good book roll right now. I LOVED this one! Instead of including the official synopsis, I have concocted one of my own. Here we go:

Maddy Montgomery lives in place obsessed with angels. Angel City is named after them, where angels are paid to protect the people who can afford to pay them. They are celebrities and have the ground they have walked on worshiped. Enter Jackson Godspeed, the hottest, dreamiest, and the soon to be youngest Guardian ever. The two meet, drama and romance ensues. And did I mention there seems to be a serial killer on the loose, killing angels? Oh, and Jackson just happens to be their next target.

So there you have it! This book is BRILLIANT. I've seen very mixed reviews on this book, some even as low as one star. I'm giving this book a solid 4.5. I've decided to include spoilers in this one, so the spoilers will be in blue.

To start with, I actually really liked Maddy. She was pretty badass in some scenes. I loved when she told off Vivian, and when she was driving that car to save Jacks. EEP.  The author tries to develop her as a shy girl, but she quickly loses that persona. Her romance with Jackson was pretty cute but also very whiplash-ish. How many times is she going to reject him? Her little 'condition' wasn't a big surprise to me. I was actually rooting for it to happen!

Now Jackson. OMG that boy. He was so cute at times and very uh, unannounced. Showing up in the library and her room? Kinda sweet but a bit creepy. He knew how to have fun, and he was very protective (pun intended)

One thing I found about the two was that I couldn't recall how they were described in appearance. All I remember is that Jackson was hot and Maddy had hair she only ever brushed. I actually didn't mind this, because I enjoy picturing them as I please.

I also really want to say one thing about Gwen. SHE IS US. She's a major fangirl, and knows everything the second it comes out. Loved her.

I found the world to be one of my favorite parts of the story. Angel City is a play on Los Angeles. There's lights, paparazzi, and shiny gold stars of fame. Angels are models and actors. The author gives us ordinary humans a peek into the glamours of the famous life.

The end of this book was awesome. As a lover of murder mysteries, I really enjoyed finding out who the murder was. HUGE PLOT TWIST.

One last thing, this book has some pretty gruesome bits. Blown off hands, chopped off wigs. Yuck. But they are very well written, so not to fear. 

This is it for the hidden spoiler part, I just have a few little spoils to discuss.

So if you have not read this book, Ta-Ta for now!


I literally cringed when Ethan chopped Jackson's wing off. (cue gagging) I didn't think he would get it back, and then he'd have to be mortal. But I guess angels can do anything, because they put it back on. And when it looked like Maddy had died, AHH. But again ANGELS CAN DO ANYTHING. Like come back from watching your body from above. 

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Ta-Ta for now.

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